WHAT’S “Umincho” Dining Restaurant?


Come and relax physically and mentally at Umincho Dining Restaurant!

Umincho Dining Restaurant is a  place to get together for business men and women, college students, family members, couples and friends.

Umincho is a dining restaurant providing Japanese small-sized food that goes well with drinks.
Recently, we are  providing not only typical Japanese food and drinks.
We do so many kinds of wine, cooktail, shochu, beer, umeshu, non alcohol drinks including mocktail and non-Japanese cuisine.

Also, Umincho specially offer local cuisines, giving you good opportunities to try local specialities and regional food at reasonable price.

We often come and get together at Umincho dining restaurant to enjoy chatting not only having food and drink.
Umincho dining is a place that you can relax and refresh physically and mentally.

Why don’ you come and relax at Japanese Umincho Dining Restaurant?

Gluten-free sweets and non-sweets cakes by “Kozutsumi


Our sweets are made of rice flour, rice-koji Amazake.

Non-sweet cakes are made of rice flour, rice oil and rice-koji Amazake with no sugar and no butter,

and making cake/sweets from imperfect fruits and/or vegitables from Yokohama.

We are working on local production for local consumption.


From the voices of our customers, I’ve been thinking about offering guilt-free sweets that are kind to the body, as well as non-sweet cakes that can be used as snacks for breakfast, light meals, and side dishes.


We want to deliver it to each and every one of our loved ones with all our hearts.


With this in mind, we decided to name the brand “Kozutsumi”.  We are particular about what is good for the body and delicious, and after receiving your order, we make it by hand with all our heart.


Google street view indoor


6 Chome-9-18 Hiyoshi, Kōhoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 223-0061, Japan



Phone number



4:30pm to 10:30am



Dining Style

Casual Japanese


Japanese FOODS and DRINKS

Gluten-free sweets

Payment options

AMEX, MasterCard, Visa, JCB, Rakuten Card, auPAY, PayPay, RPay, Pasmo, Suica, iD, and so on.

Dress code



Tokuo Fujita


Nami Fujita